As was shown in many research studies, captured images (Bio-grams) of all ten fingers of each human subject provide detailed information on the subject’s psycho-somatic and physiological state. The Electrophotonic imaging systems (previous name Gas Discharge Visualization EPI/GDV) and their accompanying software are currently the most effective and reliable instruments in the field of Bioelectrography. Through investigation of the fluorescent fingertip images, which dynamically change with emotional and physical health states, one can identify areas of congestion or health in the whole system. The parameters of the image generated from photographing the surface of a finger under electrical stimulation creates a neurovascular reaction of the skin, influenced by the nervous-humoral status of all organs and systems. Due to this, images captured by EPI/GDV register an ever-changing range of states. In addition, most healthy people’s EPI/GDV readings vary only 8-10% over many years of measurements, indicating a high level of precision in this technique. Specialized software converts these readings into parameters which elucidate the subject’s state of wellbeing at that time. This technology has extraordinary implications for all health related fields, both in conventional as well in complementary or alternative therapies, including medicine, "energy medicine", athletic training, biophysics, parapsychology, and other disciplines.

imgThe latest development is the way to process images on server, when users of the technology ( need to capture images with the instrument and all information is sent to the server, where sophisticated software process the images, calculates a set of parameters and sends processed data to the user in the form of different graphs and images. The advantage of this approach is safety (software is totally protected) and possibility to present free upgrades on regular basis. Software operates both on Windows and Mac OS platforms. Bio-Well device was used in many latest applications. Bio-Well device is actively used in preparation of the Russian Olympic and Paralympic teams. Electrophotonic Imaging method may serve for testing properties of different substances: water, oils, and minerals.

imgThe use of Bio-Well in conjunction with a special sensor “Sputnik” allows monitoring both non-selective characteristics of the environment and the functional state (in particular emotional state) of groups of people. The developed method was tested during theater performances and concerts, workshops and lectures, as well as in the process of group meditation. In many cases correlation of Bio-Well parameters and emotional state of the audience was recorded. Sensor can be used in education, security services, geophysics, study of geo-active zones